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Taiping West Road, Baizhang, Chunjiang Town, Xinbei District (Forging)

Jianxin Road, Qiangtang Industrial Park, Chunjiang Town, Xinbei District(Half shaft)

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Changzhou New Universe Forging Co., Ltd. is located in Chunjiang Town, Xinbei District, Changzhou, south of the Yangtze River, under the Changzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone. The Ocean Changzhou Port, Shanghai-Nanjing High-speed Railway, Shanghai-Nanjing Railway and Civil Aviation Port are within easy reach. Advantages of water, land and air transportation.

The standardized enterprise management system, modern production facilities, strong technical force and advanced management concepts ensure that the company gradually grows into the flagship enterprise of the forging industry in Changzhou in the tide of market competition.

The forging factory is located in Taiping West Road, Baizhang, Chunjiang Town. It is engaged in the forging of rough products. The main products are forgings on the crankshaft of the press, various gears, ring gears, cylinders and various modules. At present, it has long-term cooperation and support with domestic large-scale press groups such as Shanggong, Wode, Yangforang and Zheforg. The annual production capacity of forgings is 10,000 tons. It is a professional manufacturer of forgings with strong production capacity and user recognition in Changzhou.

The machinery factory is located in Jianxin Road, Chuntang Industrial Park, Chunjiang Town. It is dedicated to the development and production of long-axis components and drive shafts. Currently, it is mainly equipped with OEMs such as Kinetek, Changfa, Dongfeng and Lutong Electric. The company has 1000T friction pressure. Machine, 400T flat forging machine, 200T pendulum mill, 200T press, small modulus spline cold extrusion machine, heat treatment and machining and other complete processing equipment, as well as non-destructive testing, geometric size testing and physical and chemical testing and testing equipment, With an annual production capacity of 500,000 pieces, it is a professional manufacturer of automobile, electric vehicles, agricultural vehicles and tractor drive shafts.

Based on the business philosophy of “high efficiency, high precision and low cost”, the company continuously strengthens internal management, expands the scale of production, and uses professional quality to meet the needs of customers. Customer expectations are our goal, and customer trust is the result of our efforts.

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Add:Taiping West Road, Baizhang, Chunjiang Town, Xinbei District, Changzhou (Forging)
   Jianxin Road, Qutang Industrial Park, Chunjiang Town, Xinbei District, Changzhou(Half axis)
Mob:0086-519-85861103 (Forging);0086-519-88997686 (Half axis)
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