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What are the reasons for the heavy axle half shaft fracture?

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What are the reasons for the heavy axle half shaft fracture?

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Key word:What are the reasons for the heavy axle half shaft fracture?
The semi-axle is the most important shaft-type component for transmitting power in the transmission structure of heavy trucks. The force in operation is complicated, and it is subjected to loads such as bending and torsion, and is prone to torsion and bending deformation or even cracks or breakage. After the half shaft breaks, it will often cause serious consequences, causing damage to other important parts and causing safety accidents. Through the failure analysis of the fracture half shaft, the failure mechanism is discussed from the design and manufacture, which can reduce such sudden breaks and play the role of safe use of the vehicle.

What are the reasons for the heavy axle half shaft fracture?

1. Overload: This is the most common cause. When the heavy-duty axle is subjected to an excessive load for a long time, he will bend due to stress and then experience fatigue cracks.

2. Material: It is produced without passing the standards stipulated by the brand, or does not meet the production standards stipulated by the state.

3. Improper design: Broken shaft caused by improper design. Some are the shortcomings of the shaft design. The thinner over-step arc size of the half-axle design on individual models is small, which is easy to produce large stress concentration. In long-term use, it often fails to reach the limited service life. axis.

4. Broken shaft caused by improper use and maintenance: The semi-axle works under the conditions of high speed and high pressure and road inequality. It is not regularly repaired and inspected according to the instruction manual. For example, long-term overloading of the semi-axle, failure of the retaining washer, improper maintenance, When the rim runs in the swing, the half shaft is short of oil for a long time, and the thermal expansion will also cause thermal fatigue to break the shaft.
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