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How do I know if the car axle is damaged?

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How do I know if the car axle is damaged?

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Key word:How do I know if the car axle is damaged?
I believe everyone knows that the car axles are important parts of the car. Their main purpose is to transfer the engine's power and torque from the gearbox to the drive wheels. How do I know if the car axle is damaged? There are several indications that the axles of the car are damaged and should be repaired immediately, as the broken axle of the car may cause considerable damage to your car.

This is how to check if the car axle is damaged. First put your car into use. If you hear a sudden pause or splash, this is an obvious sign of half shaft damage.

Another way to check if the axle of the car is damaged is to drive the car carefully. If you feel unusual rumbles or vibrations while accelerating or turning, the axle is almost worn or nearly broken.

If the car's half shaft is broken, you should hand the car to a certified mechanic and let him judge. Regardless of whether the half shaft is really damaged, only the mechanic can diagnose and solve the problem without causing additional damage to the car. If you need a new axle, he will tell you.
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