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What are the causes of abnormal noise in the axle of electric vehicles?

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What are the causes of abnormal noise in the axle of electric vehicles?

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Key word:What are the causes of abnormal noise in the axle of electric vehicles?
The electric vehicle axle is a solid shaft that connects the drive wheel and the differential to transmit power. As an important transmission component, the quality of the axle is naturally extraordinary. After using the semi-axle for a period of time, there will always be various abnormal sounds, which will bring inexplicable panic to the owner and fear of safety problems. So, what causes the abnormal sound of the semi-axle of the electric vehicle?

First, the drive shaft problem

1. The flange connection of the drive shaft or the connecting bolt is loose, causing abnormal noise. Since the joint is loose, the flanges of the rotating shaft cannot be smoothly slid back and forth, and the friction is increased, causing a sound.

2. The installation position of the moving shaft intermediate support bracket is skewed, the bearing pre-tightening degree is improperly adjusted, the rubber backing ring spacer is damaged, and the intermediate support bracket fixing bolt is tightened or the torque is too small to cause the bracket position to be skewed, etc. Abnormal sound.

3. The universal joint forks at both ends of the shaft are not in the same plane, causing the constant velocity arrangement to be destroyed and causing abnormal noise.

Second, the hub spline

The half shaft and the hub spline have a gap due to the dust cover, resulting in viscous friction between the half shaft and the end surface of the hub, thereby generating abnormal noise. However, from the perspective of the whole vehicle, although the appearance of abnormal noise is a flaw, it does not affect the safety of the Mazda 3 train.

Third, lubrication

Grease nozzles (commonly known as grease nozzles), cross shaft oil passages are blocked, grease is not injected, grease is not added on time, cross shaft oil seal is damaged, oil leakage, etc., causing long-term lack of lubrication of cross-shaft needle bearings Working under oil conditions, the cross journal, needle roller and sleeve are worn too much, causing looseness and causing abnormal noise.
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