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What are the causes of the axle breakage of the car?

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What are the causes of the axle breakage of the car?

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Key word:What are the causes of the axle breakage of the car?
Nowadays, people are becoming more and more dependent on cars, and it has become an indispensable means of transportation in our lives. As people's performance requirements for automobiles become higher and higher, the axles are an important part of the automotive transmission system. Therefore, in the process of use, when the automobile axle shaft is bent, broken, and the spline tooth wear or skew, etc., the cause and solution should be found in time.

What causes the breakage of the axle of the car? Next, the car half-axis manufacturers will bring you the analysis of the causes of the axle breakage of the car. Let's discuss it together.

1. The semi-axial material is poor, the processing technology is improper, and it is easy to break.

2, often on the construction site or into the muddy area, the rear half of the shaft is too strong and thus broken.

3, the vehicle has a lot of mileage, the number of times the semi-axial stress changes to a certain limit, broken due to material fatigue.

4. The shaft shell is bent. If the outer casing of the rear axle is deformed and bent due to the weight, the rotation of the axle shaft in the axle housing is hindered and worn, and the half shaft is also broken.

5, use the hand brake too strong. The general hand brake drum is installed between the second shaft of the transmission and the front drive shaft and the universal joint. Therefore, the use of the hand brake will give a large torque to the drive shaft and the half shaft. When the brake shaft and the half shaft exceed a certain limit, the half shaft is easily broken.

6. Drive fast on uneven roads. Driving on the uneven road, the rear axle jumps up and down, and even the rear wheel jumps. At the moment of landing, the engine torque is suddenly added to the half shaft, and the vibration force is added to make the rear axle load complicated.
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