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Power loss of the axle of the car

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Power loss of the axle of the car

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Key word:Power loss of the axle of the car
The car half-axis links the front and rear two wheels. The car axle is driven by the engine and is the central shaft for rotating the wheel or gear. The main purpose of your car's drive shaft is to transfer torque from the gearbox to the wheels. The car axle is the separation shaft between the two axles with the differential and the universal joint. Each half shaft is connected to your wheel by a constant speed (CV) joint. The CV connector allows the wheels to move freely and maintain the car body balance. The axles of the car in the front-wheel drive car facilitate steering.

Automotive axles are one of the main sources of powertrain power loss and therefore represent an area where power loss improvements have a significant impact on overall vehicle fuel economy. Both mechanical and rotational losses due to friction vary significantly with the operating temperature of the lubricant.

In addition, the preload in the bearing may change due to temperature fluctuations. In terms of power loss, fatigue life and wear, the temperature of the lubricating oil, gear tooth contact surface and bearing contact surface is critical to overall shaft performance. Therefore, it is important to understand the temperature variation of the axles of the car as a function of operating load and speed.
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