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Automobile half shaft fault check and solution

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Automobile half shaft fault check and solution

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Key word:Automobile half shaft fault check and solution
In essence, the axle is a drive axle that is only installed in rear-wheel drive vehicles. Car axles do not cause you much trouble during normal driving, even though they are high stress components.

The inner end of the shaft is supported and driven by a differential, and the outer end is supported by bearings between the shaft and the sleeve. These bearings have built-in or separate oil seals. The bearings can be ball bearings, tapered roller bearings (both with inner rings), or linear roller bearings with shafts as inner rings.

When the half shaft fails, the rear wheel cannot be driven.

When accelerating or decelerating, the main symptom of a worn half shaft is a knock or crash. The reason is that the shaft and differential splines are too worn. However, if the hub and pinion in the differential are not properly meshed, the drive pinion method is worn or the drive flange bolts are loose, which may cause the same symptoms.

If you are not sure about the noise source, please consult the garage. Special tools are needed to check for wear in gears and pinions, that is, backlash.

Oil leakage, especially from the end of the bushing, is caused by oil seal failure. Remove the half shaft and replace the seal.

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